I love to place usual things together to create art.

WMPower of One.jpgcastles.jpgIs There a Y.jpgentry e Inside Life.jpgIMG_2340.jpgJoy.jpgBlue abstract 300.jpgCollage Barn 300.jpg


I am an experimenter and collage certainly lends itself to that.  It is fun to put together and take apart a “painting” with ease until of course it is glued on or attached some other way.  Collage can be taken apart even when all glued down.  It is called decollage and that can really be fun. Then another layer can be either painted on or other paper glued on.  One of my favorite paintings has been taken apart and put together so many time that the surface has a wonderful rough texture.  Don’t be afraid to take things off—it can always be used again.