These works are artist acrylic paints.  For now acrylics are my mainstay my medium of choice for many reasons.

They are readily available.  For myself and my students I ask for artist grade paints.  There are several companies that I prefer for price and quality. Golden of course for their quality and variety and Nova Color Paints for their quality and price.  Others are fine but for now I like these.

Acrylics are so versatile.  They can be used out of the tube or jar, diluted, or thickened with mediums.  I like the bright colors and use them that way or mix colors for new and grayed down colors.  I like to use white gesso and black gesso,for mixing—-again very versatile.

I like to be able to work on paper and either frame of mount them for a no glass look.  Check back to this page for more examples.