Chair Series 2

18 IMG_3512.JPG24. IMG_3624.JPG23. IMG_3615.JPG15. IMG_3617.JPG27. IMG_3661.JPG17. Amansa's Rocker 300.jpgIMG_3760.JPGIMG_3763.JPGIMG_3764.JPGWoven chair new 2.jpg


I started a chair series a couple of years ago and made a commitment to paint at least 20. Why Chairs? Chairs attract me and always have. I own too many. They always seem to be patiently waiting for someone. Do they have personality?? I am not sure but some attract me more than others. Maybe it is Character. Sometimes my paintings are “portraits” of chairs and sometimes they materialize and direct me as I work. I paint what pleases me and that works for me. I know that there are sad chairs but for now, I leave them be. I want my chairs to be happy, positive and a comfortable place for people to be.