Chair Series

IMG_2941.JPGwhite chair large images cropped psd.jpgmany colors chair.jpgbrown camel chair .jpgCamal Chair for entry.jpgmany chairs with mouse 8x8 copy.jpgskip marks chair copy.jpgCity Chair.jpgThe Number 2 cropped large image.jpgYellow Chair copy web.jpgBirthday chair 2  web-1.jpgCool Chair.jpgWarm Chair for Raffle.jpg


I have always enjoyed starting with a simple object and working toward an interesting painting, something fun and happy. It is my goal to do at least 20 chairs because of a challenge from Skip Lawrence. The process seems slow, but it is wonderful when another one can be added to the list. Most of these are done with Artist Acrylics. There are other water based medium added in.

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