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Lady Series Started in Carla Oconnor Class

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August 26. 2014

I have just returned from a wonderful workshop with Carla O’Connor.  If you do not know who Carla is.  Please check out her website.  carlaoconnor.com.   Drawing and painting from models is not something that I do often, but had a real workout in this class.  It was 5 rather intense days, but I loved it.  I saw old friends and got to know new friends.  I will post something when I sort through and decide if something is done enough.

May 3, 2014

Viewing in Mid Value

Viewing in Mid Value

Viewing in light value

Viewing in light value

Viewing in Grey

Viewing in Grey






From this last ISS Taos experience, I have the honor to say, that my paintings started there, have been used in an article in the Palette Magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting Martha Wakefield  and bless her heart, she liked my wacky work.  She used my paintings in an article in the March issue of Palette Magazine .  She is a staff writer for the magazine.  The Editors are Skip Lawrence and Christopher Schink.  The magazine is full of interesting articles and I have used it for teaching as well as learning for myself.  The magazine is by subscription only and is through Cheap Joe’s.  Check it out at Cheapjoes.com.

ISS Taos 2013

For all of you who have looked at the information about the Intensive Studies Seminar in  Taos NM, here is a bit of extra information for you.  I just returned from the seminar and I must tell you that it is Intensive.  This is my second trip and I was actually ready this time.  I read  the information online and I thought that I understood the first time, and I did not.  I heard other new comers this time and they were confused.

Here are some things to remember if you decide to go.  For me it was so worth while and the cost is so worth it.  You must be prepared and this is a very different prep from all other workshops. Or at least all of the ones that I have gone to.  You have to realize that it is all about you and your journey.  The 4 wonderful teachers have created an atmosphere that pushes you to make decisions about and for yourself.  They tell you what they think and what direction they see you going and then the next teacher tells you something different.  You must be a grown up artist and make the decision to take the advice and do what is best for you.  The frustration level can be very high if you don’t realize that.  Many times they are saying the same thing but differently.  You must take your own best next step.

As far as the schedule goes, you must realize that you have to have a plan and write a statement about your plan for the workshop and then for the first 3 days you are on your own to settle into your studio space and work.  Then on the 4th day you will have the first of 4 teachers in your pod (20 people) for the day.  And the critique will start.

Along with that each day you will have Wonderful programs  by the teachers about artist and artwork.  BRING A RECORDER unless you are really adapt at writing large amounts of notes.  The programs teach so much.

I must think about this and add and subtract from these notes and process my experience even more.  I will be doing that for a long time.